Sunday, March 08, 2015

Camp Homework done

I finally got my camp homework done about a week or so ago.  Not my funnest project but will be used in a finishing class.  The finishing should be interesting to learn.  I think Spring is finally in the air.  I really should not complain as I moved to NC late November, so I really have not had to put up with much of old man Winter this year.  Today was sunny and 70s.   My boys took off to go camping up in the mountains.  They also hoped to hit a cave but I'm not sure they made it given the time they finally got off this morning.  Scott and I were able to explore a new park (new to us) and do some hiking this afternoon.  After trying my best to save my Sago Palm, I had to give up and get a new one.  It got a bit water logged as the pot that it came in didn't have any drainage holes.  Little did I know.  Last weekend repotted it, but it has continued to yellow and the fronds are drying up.  But to my bliss, in going to find a replacement, I found another cute little palm called a pony tail palm.  Of course, I had to bring them both home.  Both are slow growing and work well indoors.
Well, time to get the kitchen cleaned and sit down with hubby for a relaxing evening.  I will even work on and old WIP.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A bit of homework for camp and a fun baby quilt

I have been dying to do a baby quilt ever since I found out my niece was pregnant.  I've also been dying for a little bit of creative outlet since I haven't had much of that in my life as of late.  Finally, Saturday I just took the time and did it.  After weeks of looking for just the right fabric and just not finding something that grabbed me, I found something that although not baby per se works well for
a child.  It was something totally not what I was looking for (other than the bright colors), but I liked it and was anxious to start.  So Saturday, I put this little quilt top together.  I still need to find backing fabric that I like, get it quilted and bound, but this little project is well on its way to being done in time for a May birth.
I've also been spending some time working on the homework project for stitching camp.  I really need to complete it prior to camp since the finishing class I'm taking requires it.  The pattern doesn't really grab me which may be why I'm not thrilled so much with working on it. Here's what I have done thus far.  Sorry about the fuzzy picture!  I'm making good progress but need to get it done by March 20.  

Take care,


Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sal progress

Lizzy Kate SAL with my DSIL. She is almost done and we'll my progress speaks for itself.  I loved this piece because I identify with Pooh.  Wor do that are important to remember as you go through life.  Not the best picture but my xd drive is packed.  Getting ready for the big move so not sure how quickly I can progress on this.  We'be already decided that our next Sal will be on one of our wips.  Ithe probably won'the be the same piece but should probably be in the same vein or maybe even the same designer.  Will close out since I'moved doing the finger typing from my tablet.  (Another casualty of packing things up.) 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Finally, a finish!

It's been quite a while since I've had a finish and this one deserves an extra special happy dance.  You see I started this one several years ago.  I put it away because it was a bit of white on white and I was having a hard time seeing it.  I finally broke down and got a magnifier that I attach to my Qs and believe it or not I could see again!  So, I've been working on Terry's Garden to get it out of the WIPS pile.
 I've continued to make progress on my silk gauze piece although I don't have a picture today.  Maybe I can get a bit more done and get a picture a little later today.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Silk Gauze Stitch Along

  I know it's been ages since I last posted.  My blog is in disarray and could really stand some attention, however, with 48 hours worth of tasks to do each day. . .   you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, my battery was going dead so I'm late getting the picture up for my SAL.  Now with fresh batteries and considerable less light I've gotten the pictures, however they are not what I'd like them to be.  Maybe I'll replace them tomorrow if it ever brightens up around here and stops raining. 
  Speaking of rain, I'd invest in that ark building class if I didn't believe the promise that we wouldn't be destroyed by water again.  There's been quite a bit of it around here making navigation around the city a bit troublesome.  Of course, it is better than snow right?  At least it seems like we're on the path to finally ushering in Spring.  This boathouse sits along the edge of the river, or at least it used to. The soccer fields and the baseball fields are completely under water.  If there weren't goals sitting there, you'd never realize that this was a recreational field.   I've got a lot to be thankful for as I'm as dry as a bone inside.
  Back to the SAL.  My DSIL and I are doing a silk gauze stitch along.  I'm doing the Erica Michaels Little Bits of Thanksgiving piece.  It is coming along quickly, although I can tell my vision is not what it used to be the first time I did a silk gauze piece.  Thank goodness for the clip on magnifier I bought at camp last year.   I discovered that with this magnifier I could really see the wholes for the Terry's Garden piece which I really struggled with (cause I couldn't see!!).  I've been excited to work on it ever since!!  Maybe I should try it on all my WIPS and get a few of them knocked out.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

SAL Complete

I finished the SAL that I had started with my DSIL. I really love this piece and cannot wait to make him into a little flat fold. I've got some fabbie with little peppermints all over it that I think will work great for the backing. I haven't put them next to each other yet, but in my mind's eye I think it will work. I still need a little peppermint button to put in the middle of one of the presents too.

I went ahead and started quietness and confidence last week. I haven't made a ton of progress yet, because I've been rather worn after coming home from work. I forgot how stressful starting a new job can be and how exhausting it is to have everything thrown at you at once. That being said, work is going as well as can be expected. I'm dying to start doing a little bit of "doing". At this point, I'm in a lot of design meetings. It's good so I can learn their business, but it doesn't make me feel like I've accomplished a whole lot. This phase should be completed by the end of the month, then it will be on to the real work! I sure hate that I started this just when the weather is starting to turn nice. I really like being outside when it is warm and the birdies are tweeting.

Enjoy your week,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Camp, SAL progress, and stash

My DSIL and I just got back from Stitches N Things Camp Stitchalot. We both made good progress on our SAL. Not only that, but for once it wasn't a virtual SAL!
I almost finished it off, but there is still a bit to go. So without further adeiu, here's the picture.
I didn't think real hard when I was picking the fabric. I figured that I wanted a white so the reds would pop without carefully noticing how much white is actually in this image. I'm hoping that once things are finished off in a flatfold that things look good. I'm playing right now whether to use bright white or the overdyed white for the red and white border around the lettering at the bottom. I still have to take some velcro to his beard to puff it up a bit.
On our way to camp, DSIL and I always do a round of stashing. First we went to Rocking Horse and were awed by their models. I ended up falling in love with the Lavendar and Lace Angel of Light. I've seen it there before, but for some reason it just called to me that day. I've always admired Age of Innocence, however, I've held myself back because a) it is a large project and b) it really screams to be done on black. I oogled it, but didn't feel compelled to buy. We then wandered over to the Stitches N Things brick and mortar store. I ended up getting the fabric and all of the floss needed for the Angel of Light. I knew that I wouldn't start it at camp, just because it is too big. Besides, I really had to stitch along on my SAL project ;). At SNT, I was looking at a Leaves piece done up on the wall. I held back and didn't get it. There would always be time to make another run back to the store during the weekend. A lot of the stitches will bring "unwanted stash" and leave them out for others to go through and grab as desired. Would you believe that I found the Leaves pattern and Age of Innocence in that pile!!! Most years I really don't see much that interests me; this year I hit the jackpot. I also found a picture of the Last Supper in a magazine that I picked up. I guess I must just be inspired, because I really don't know where I'm going to find the time for these large projects.

I got my Palm picture back from the framer right before camp. I am so thrilled with it. When I first got it, I couldn't wait to start it. It was a kit and contained aida. I really wanted linen, but I really wanted to start it too. So, I went ahead and started on the aida. I cannot tell you how many times, I kicked myself muttering about how it would look so much better on linen and that I wouldn't be happy. Well, let me tell you, I'm thrilled. I'm glad I stuck it out and didn't let it fall to the UFO pile.

I've ended up getting a job, so I'm not sure how much time I will be having to stitch, but we will see. I know I will need to be diligent about making the time, just to keep myself sane.