Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sal progress

Lizzy Kate SAL with my DSIL. She is almost done and we'll my progress speaks for itself.  I loved this piece because I identify with Pooh.  Wor do that are important to remember as you go through life.  Not the best picture but my xd drive is packed.  Getting ready for the big move so not sure how quickly I can progress on this.  We'be already decided that our next Sal will be on one of our wips.  Ithe probably won'the be the same piece but should probably be in the same vein or maybe even the same designer.  Will close out since I'moved doing the finger typing from my tablet.  (Another casualty of packing things up.) 


stitcherw said...

Looking good, you've gotten a good bit done since I last saw it :) Would be a bit hard to find time to stitch with all you have going on, and with so much stuff being packed. You'll be so much happier once the move is done and you can settle in and know where everything is (not just have a general idea of what box it might be hiding in).

Sharon said...

Looks pretty, any progress is progress! This is one of my fave LK pieces. I hope you get settled soon and Happy Thanksgiving to you!