Sunday, March 08, 2015

Camp Homework done

I finally got my camp homework done about a week or so ago.  Not my funnest project but will be used in a finishing class.  The finishing should be interesting to learn.  I think Spring is finally in the air.  I really should not complain as I moved to NC late November, so I really have not had to put up with much of old man Winter this year.  Today was sunny and 70s.   My boys took off to go camping up in the mountains.  They also hoped to hit a cave but I'm not sure they made it given the time they finally got off this morning.  Scott and I were able to explore a new park (new to us) and do some hiking this afternoon.  After trying my best to save my Sago Palm, I had to give up and get a new one.  It got a bit water logged as the pot that it came in didn't have any drainage holes.  Little did I know.  Last weekend repotted it, but it has continued to yellow and the fronds are drying up.  But to my bliss, in going to find a replacement, I found another cute little palm called a pony tail palm.  Of course, I had to bring them both home.  Both are slow growing and work well indoors.
Well, time to get the kitchen cleaned and sit down with hubby for a relaxing evening.  I will even work on and old WIP.

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stitcherw said...

Very pretty, it will be fun to see how we finish them off in class :)